IHF Policy Statement

  • The Indonesia Heritage Foundation is strictly non-political and non-sectarian. Values associated with character traits promoted by the Foundation are universally accepted. These values cut across religions, cultures, and beliefs
  • The Indonesia Heritage Foundation is run based on the highest ethical standards, and its governance strictly adheres to principles of fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility
  • One of the most important policies of IHF is that of complete financial transparency. IHF’s finances are audited by a Public Account Company every year
  • An audited financial statement is announced regularly and is viewable to anyone on request
  • Founders and Board of Trustees serve on a voluntary basis

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Aminah · 22 September 2017 at 6:49 am

Bagus ihf…setelah saya ikut pelatihan ..banyak ilmu yg manfaat yg akan saya terapkan d lembaga paud saya

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