SBB Kindergarden Schools

IHF sponsor invites individuals, companies and organizations to help children from underprivileged areas gain access to quality education. The SBB kindergarten program, specifically for children from ‘slum’ areas focuses on developing good character in teachers, students and the local community. Independent research shows that a focus on community and emotional intelligence promotes better learning and more chance of success for these students when they get to school


In order to adopt an SBB Kindergarten IHF provides a starter package. The package delivers a comprehensive curriculum model that includes 10 – 12 days of teacher training and the provision of all the resources that are necessary to deliver instruction (including explicit instructions on how to implement the themes through modules, lesson plans, story books, songs on a cassette or CD, teacher references books, and educational toys). Existing sponsors include: ExxonMobil, Purse Charitable SCTV, and the Ancora Foundation
For Indonesian kindergardens and elementary schools that are interested in adopting the SBB program, please contact IHF using the following procedure:

  1. Register the name of your school with the IHF office for possible inclusion in the waiting list. You will need to describe the venue you will use (Garage, mosque, church, home etc.)
  2. When a sponsor is available IHF will call you with the next available training dates
  3. You will need to provide the names of teachers to be trained. SBB kindergardens need to provide two names (Principal and one teacher) Elementary schools need to provide 13 names (1 Principal, and 12 classroom teachers, grade 1 to grade 6)
  4. Kindergarden and Early childhood teachers are given 14 days teacher training. Elementary school teachers are given 6 days training (2 rotations @ 6 days)

semai benih bangsa kindergarden