Character-based Holistic Education Model is a model that not only provides security and comfort to the children, but also creates a good learning atmosphere to stimulate children’s interest in learning. We hope our model can become more universal because:

  1. Teachers need to understand it is important to do their best to make learning exciting and relevant. They are taught how to take into account the uniqueness of each child including multiple intelligences and using different learning style approaches. We use up to date educational concepts and theories in our teacher training materials and modules.
    Features of our well trained teachers include:

    • The need to be able to communicate positively and effectively with students, parents and each other
    • Positive interaction skills with students so that they feel loved, appreciated, respected, understood, and safe
    • A tolerance towards students various backgrounds (cultural, ethnic, and religious)
    • An ability to apply rules and boundaries clearly using a positive discipline approach (without rage).
    • An ability to appreciate students’ mistakes and turn them into opportunities to learn
  2. Our model provides ample opportunity for students to develop holistically as a person. Not only the development of cognitive skills (currently mostly memorization in Indonesia), but also the developmental aspects of emotional intelligence, social understandings, creative thinking, and spirituality. With this method, students have the opportunity to express their feelings verbally, through pictures, games, text, or other forms. We want to reduce the feelings of fear and discomfort currently experienced by many students and replace these with feelings of self- confidence, enthusiasm and love of learning
  3. We have a strong focus on the 9 Pillars of Character which includes aspects of knowing, reasoning, loving and doing good. Our method establishes a welcoming classroom environment, solidarity, mutual support, and respect
  4. We believe in a thematic learning approach because our brains are naturally wired to make connections. This integrated approach promotes Higher Order Thinking Skills in students
  5. We promote concrete, real learning experiences in active, fun and exciting ways. Games, school trips and events such as a fairs are seen as important. Hands-on activities include Maths activities, Science investigations, cooking, and gardening. We also use stories to introduce or reinforce learning


Our philosophy of holistic education is a learning process that is fun and challenging. We aim to build up the whole person (holistic human) so that all of the dimensions are balanced and able to achieve optimal growth. The formation of individual consciousness needs to appreciate their positive connection to family, school, neighborhood, community, as well as the global community


The Goal of our Character Based Holistic Education Model

We believe that students who have experienced our holistic education are competent to face a world full of challenges and change. We appreciate that as each individual understands the diverse abilities within themselves, they also need to appreciate their unique role in society. This can be at various levels; family, school, local community, and global citizen…

The Elements of a ‘Holistic Person’ include:

  • Physical aspects: optimal development of fine and gross motor skills, maintaining stamina, and health
  • Emotional aspects: including mental health; being in control of stress, self-control (self-discipline), self-confidence, risk-taking, and empathy
  • Social and cultural aspects: including learning to love work, working in teams, complying with regulations, developing social skills, caring about social issues, being responsible and respectful of others, as well as, understanding cultural differences and helping others
  • Creative aspects including an ability to express themselves in a variety of productive activities (Art Music, Language, etc.), as well as a desire to find solutions to problems
  • Spiritual aspects being able to reflect on the meaning and purpose of life as well as appreciating their own role in the circle of life. We encourage student to consider their own purpose as part of Creation, as well as respecting the environment he has made
  • Academic aspects logical thinking, speaking, and writing well. Moreover, students are encouraged to ask critical questions and draw conclusions from a variety of information

A holistic education facilitates the following qualities in students

  1. An Inquiring nature: children are born with a curious attitude. A child who continues to ask questions will continue to learn
  2. Critical thinking and creativity: It is important that students develop the ability to look at problems from different angles. This wide perspective enables them to take wise decisions and resolve complex issues. We encourage our students to collect information, make observations, analyze, and evaluate
  3. Respect for knowledge: We encourage our students to have an interest in global issues. We also encourage them to take the time to read and explore areas of interest. Knowledge needs time and exposure to become solid and grounded
  4. Effective Communication skills: It is vital that students learn to express their thoughts and feelings effectively, both verbally and in writing. Armed with extensive knowledge, information can also be communicated with confidence and assurance
  5. Confidence to take reasonable risks: Students need to learn to face challenges and obstacles with confidence and optimism so that they can confidently experiment with new ideas and strategies
  6. Openness to differences and new ideas: It is essential to respect the opinions, values, and traditions of others. We help our students to understand that humans have diverse backgrounds, so that they react in an understanding and respectful ways
  7. Care for others as well as the environment: We encourage sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others, as well as the environment. We promote student participation in social activities as well as a commitment to positive environmental actions
  8. Moral integrity: We teach students how uphold moral principles, including being honest, objective and fair
  9. A spiritual awareness: We encourage our students to be aware of interconnections; relationships with God, others and nature. We encourage a sense of responsibility to see that our own actions bring consequences to others as well as to the environment


Lasmiaty sianu · 16 November 2017 at 5:49 am

Mantaaap Luar biasa… IHF…pelatihannya mantap..materi materinya sangat bermanfaat…Jaya terus IHF

pudjiono · 6 December 2017 at 5:34 am

IHF memberikan pelatihan pendidikan karakter isinya berbeda dengan pelatihan pendidikan yang lain


syalm. mat mlm. panitia pelaksanaan pelatihan akbar. kmi bapa ibuguru. TK pertiwi 4 Oransbari. mengucapkan bnyak trima kasih kepada. Nara sumber/ modirator. atas penyampaian materi yg diberikan kepada kmi bapa ibu guru. slama 2 hari yg kmi suda lewati. ilmu yg kami peroleh sangat bermanfaat untuk kami dan ana didik kami semoga apa yg kami peroleh ini kami bisa terapkan kepada teman- teman kami yg tidak ikut pelatihan akbar. dan kami bapa ibu guru TK PERTIWI IV ORANSBARI. Mengucapkan Banyak- Banyak Terimakasih. Kepada para Nara Sumber. Semoga di
tahun yg akan datang kita akan bertemu kembali lagi dengan bapa ibu paranara sumber. dan jangan bosan-bosan. memberi materi seperti ini. semoga TUHAN BERKATI BAPA IBU SKALIAN DI DALAM TUGAS DAN TANGGUNG JAWAB MASING – MASING.

Indonesia Heritage Admin · 9 December 2017 at 1:02 am

Terima kasih atas testimoninya. Semoga bermanfaat dan selalu membawa keberkahan. Salam untuk siswa-siswi TK PERTIWI IV ORANSBARI.

Indonesia Heritage Admin · 9 December 2017 at 1:03 am

Terima kasih atas testimoninya, semoga memberikan keberkahan untuk kita semua. Salam

Silmi hayati · 14 December 2017 at 9:38 am

Terima kasih untuk pelatihan yg telah d berikan kpd kami selama 3hari senin,selasa,rabu 11,12,13 desember 2017 karena materi yg telah d berikan sangat bermanfaat bagi kami guru PAUD dlm mendidik generasi bangsa,alhamdulillah ini pertama kali saya mengikuti pelatihan akbar yg d selenggarakan IHF benar2 besar pengaruh pd diri pribadi saya,memang byk yg harus saya adakan perubahan,sx lg terima kasih utk panitia n para nara sumber n semua yg terlibat dlm pelatihan akbar d STIKES FOR DE KOCK BUKITTINGGI semoga ilmu yg kita terima n yg d berikan d beri keberkahan oleh Allah swt

Syafry maulidah · 10 February 2018 at 7:18 am

Senang mengikuti pelatihan

Ade Mardiah · 9 April 2018 at 3:39 am

Pelathan Akbar Guru PAUD( KB,TK, RA seKab. Pandeglang tgl 5,6,7 di Sohibul Barokah,Kec. Kaduhejo,Pdg.
Trimakasih pd IHFyg sdh memberikan banyak ilmu&pengalaman nya shg kami (PenilikKab. Pdg) benar” merasa terbantu shg guru’ binaan kami lbh faham lg ttg bagaimana seharusnya mendidik anak”PAUD,semoga mereka bisa menerapkan nya d lembaga masing” menghasilkan generasi anak bangsa yg berkarakter&i#stimwa,Buat IHF Barokaallah&sukses selalu.

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