IHF are delighted to announce that our mission to build “A Nation of Good Character” is making new breakthroughs in ways to inspire our upcoming citizens with good character. We promote consistency between the mind, heart, and actions; “habits of the mind”, “habits of the heart”, and “habits of the hands”. We use a process of continual assessment, a positive approach to character development, and ‘The 9 Pillars of Character Education’. We have developed innovative educational strategies and teach positive parenting skills to prepare our next generation to be citizens of integrity who are also positive learners using creative thinking and higher order thinking skills.

Our founding school is based in Cimanggis on the outskirts of Jakarta. It is here that our professional teachers have developed the teaching models and curriculum, including our Character Based Holistic Education approach. Initially our kindergarten, Elementary and High School were together in one location, but expansion means we now have a separate High School location. Most classes have a main teacher alongside an assistant teacher to promote greater professional sharing and learning. This also gives us flexibility as we provide programmes to outside agencies. We have onsite facilities to accommodate and train teachers from across Indonesia.

In the last 17 years, IHF has developed the following approaches and run numerous programs, including:

  1. The development and application of our Character Based Holistic Education (CBHE) model. The CBHE model focuses on developing well-integrated individuals (emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually). We are developing individuals who demonstrate creative and independent thinking as well as virtues like care, responsibility and resilience in an ever changing world
  2. The Semai Benih Bangsa (SBB) program is a kindergarten programme for communities in poor areas. To date, we have used sponsors donations to start more than 2,700 kindergardens which become self-sustaining
  3. The Elementary CBHE programme has been implemented in 30 elementary schools (public and private) in Jakarta and 750 schools in other locations in Indonesia
  4. Character Education Workshops have also been provided for middle and high school teachers from other schools
  5. Our Brain-Based Parenting programme prepares parents to take care of children with understanding and love. This can maximize every child’s potential development in personality as well as intellect
  6. Our ‘Feeling Education’ (Emotional Intelligence Education) helps students learn to control their emotions through the application of neuroscience techniques (Neuroscience for Kids)
  7. We run a campaign to prevent violence against children. This programme also examines the potential impact of violent video games and movies on society
  8. We focus on creative and effective teaching strategies including ‘Origami for Character Building’
  9. We have published many characters books for parents, teachers and students