Testimonies from SBB Kindergarten Training Programmes.

 This training is so memorable because it has opened up our knowledge about how to educate children to have good character, as well as become creative and intelligent. Usman Ali, ECD Permas. Toli-toli. South Eeast Sulawesi

IHF has taught and motivated me to be a teacher with good moral character, creative, and full of spirit. Intan Widia Iswari, ECD dar Amal Sukabumi.

I gained a lot of knowledge from this training, so I now know a lot new things. This has given me more passion to teach well. Eliyana, ECD Ammalida noble. Banyuasin. Sumsel

Every Learning activity has been so beneficial to us; especially delivered by a presenter who is so competent, humble and patient in guiding us. I Ketut Udrayana, ECD Kartika Pradnya Kumara

I have acquired so much knowledge during the training at IHF about character and treating others. I now know it is wise not label students and others negatively. My hope is that all teachers in Aceh can also understand this new knowledge like me. Maulidani, ECD Al-Muzani,Peurelak-NAD

Testimonies from Elementary School Teacher Trainees

It was very impressive, giving us a thorough knowledge of direct practice by teachers who are still young and confident. Susilawati. Rambutan SDN 03 Pagi. East Jakarta

Great fun! Great schools! The speaker was filled with character, intelligence and spirit. We are convinced of the need to apply everything that has been delivered in our own school. Elisda. SDN 06 Kelapa Dua Wetan MORNING. East Jakarta

Extraordinary!! That was the first impression when we set foot in IHF. Even our greeting in the front school parking lot was with friendly smiles and a sense of security. The materials provided by the tutor made our hearts beat. The diverse creativity applied to the subjects was incredible with the added value of the 9 Pillars of Character. It’s all amazing for me, thank you so much IHF! Nur Triwidiyaningsih. Exemplary SDI Saints. East Jakarta

IHF has pioneered educational character, has a very big mission and a noble mission in changing the face and attitude of our country. Our country is currently experiencing sickness, the young generation that will lead our country in the future are in mental crisis. Hopefully IHF struggles with education in East Jakarta can bring positive change. Rury Martiningrum. Cibubur SDN 01 Pagi. East Jakarta