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About IHF

Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF) (IHF) or Yayasan Warisan Nilai Luhur Indonesia , is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Ratna Megawangi and Dr. Sofyan Djalil in June 2000 (legally formalized by the public notary in September 2001 No. 578/ANP/2001, and based on the new law, further legalized by the Department of Justice and Human Rights No. 12 in August, 31, 2007)


IHF has established an educational model of “Character-based Holistic Education” (CBHE) that has been implemented in both formal ( Character School – K-9 education), and non-formal, community based Kindergarten (Semai Benih Bangsa – Planting The Nation's Seeds), or SBB school.


The SBB school model is aimed not only to give easier access to early education facilities in poor communities, but also access to higher quality of education that will enable them to become well-rounded persons. As of September 2010, IHF has facilitated, partnering with various sponsors, more than 1,600 SBB schools in many poor areas throughout Indonesia . The implementation of CBHE model in other schools has also been facilitated, and more than 150 existing formal Kindergartens that have adopted the IHF's model of Character-based Holistic Education. The effectiveness of this model in building the overall child developmental aspects has been scientifically proven by three studies. ( read more.. ) .


Some anecdotal data reported by parents and teachers revealed that their children become more creative, cheerful, eager to learn, kind, loving and polite than other mainstream children. Also, they become agents of change in their home and surrounding communities. They teach their parents, peers, even other adults, not to litter, to scold, to lie, steal, etc.



IHF has been in partnership with Penny Harvest, New York , listed in its Global Relief Issue. IHF is also profiled in Common Cents ( )

Also with the Ancora Foundation in helping to establish 1000 Sekolah Rakyat Ancora in poor communites ( )




Building a nation of character by building well-rounded citizens (self relian t, responsible, creative, toleran t , respect differences, hones t , trustworthy, and eagerness to help others), which could strongly support the creation of free society in sustainable ways. These character traits will make freedom, harmony, and prosperity flourish.


  • Providing a curriculum model of Character-based Holistic Education to develop simultaneously all aspects of human dimensions: social, emotional, cognitive, creativity, physical, moral and spiritual in its design. This curriculum could enable each child to develop as a well-integrated individual, who is independent creative thinker, responsible and free individual.
  • Disseminating an effective character-building education (knowing, loving, and acting the good) to schools and parents in order to inculcate the 9 pillars of character:
    1. Reverence an d love towards all God's Creation
    2. Responsibility and Self-Reliance (self-discipline and orderliness)
    3. Trustworthiness, Reliability, and Honesty
    4. Respect and Courtesy.
    5. Love, Caring, Empathy, Charitable, and Team Work.
    6. Confidence, Creativity, Resourcefulness, Courage, Determination, and Enthusiasm.
    7. Justice, Fairness, and Leaderships.
    8. Kindness, Friendliness, Humility, and Modesty.
    9. Tolerance, Flexibility, Peacefulness, Unity
  • Facilitating the construction of Community-based Kindergartens (SBB schools) in poor communities
  • Facilitating efforts of disseminating the Character-based Holistic Education model to other schools (Kindergarten and Elementary Schools) especially in destitute areas by providing teacher training s , modules, and other materials
  • Becoming the center of excellence of character building research and development
  • Becoming an agent of change towards better social virtues by publishing books, bulletin, advocacy, social campaigning, making posters, seminars, and others.


Policy Statements


  • The Indonesia Heritage Foundation is strictly non-political and non-sectarian. Values associated with character traits promoted by the Foundation are universally accepted, which cut across religions, cultures, and beliefs.
  • The Indonesia Heritage Foundation is run based on the highest ethical standards, and its governance will strictly adhere to principles of fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility.
  • The IHF's Financial is annually audited by Public Accountant Company (audited financial statement is available upon request).
  • The average overhead cost is maintained to no more than 20% of IHF's total revenues
  • Founders and Board of Trustees are serving in voluntary basis
IHF Events & Activities



September 2010

30 September-14 October 2010

Teacher training on Character Based Holistic Education for 10 forthcoming SBB schools sponsored by Ancora Foundation


30 September -14 October 2010

Teacher training on Character Based Holistic Education for 10 forthcoming SBB schools sponsored by PTPN V


October 2010

15-29 October 2010

Teacher training on Character Based Holistic Education for 20 forthcoming SBB schools sponsored by Ancora Foundation


15-29 October 2010

Character Based Holistic Education Training for 10 SBB schools sponsored by Pelindo


16 October 2010

7.30 AM -1.10 PM

National Seminar on Character Education in Bogor , in partnership with Department of Family and Consumer Studies Bogor Agricultural University

(Speaker: Dr. Ratna Megawangi and others)

Please contact: 0251) 8321105


30 October 2010

IHF office ceremonial to mark the completion of the new IHF office building and IHF training center


November 2010

1-15 November 2010

Teacher training on Character Based Holistic Education for 10 forthcoming SBB schools sponsored by Mrs. Anita Tanjung


December 2010

2-16 December 2010

Teacher tr aining on Character Based Holistic Education for 10 forthcoming SBB schools sponsored sponsored by Anita Tanjung

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